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Design for the Future

Every day, tablet and smartphone manufacturers are designing new devices that don’t conform to a single size or shape.

Until now, companies have had to make a tough choice in order to to keep up: either spend extra time and money building multiple sites — desktop sites, mobile sites, tablet sites — or deal with losing business due to bad user experiences.  The next generation of website design presents a third option: a single, “responsive” website that looks and functions brilliantly on any device.

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Do Business with Friends

Just because you have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle doesn’t mean your social.

We help you to interact with your customers their social environment.  We provide organic and paid solutions that help to integrate your online and traditional marketing campaigns with your customers social networking habits.  The viral effects of well executed social relationship management will generate more excitement about your product or service and increase your bottom line.

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Generate Traffic Jams

Search engines are eyes looking for information.  You need the right information to be visible.

Customers use search engines to find companies they buy from.  Optimizing the information on your website helps search engines see you.  Through keyword research, customer search habits and competitive analysis we can optimize your online presence for maximum visibility.  Our programs combine the power of organic search engine optimization with the instant results of paid search engine marketing.

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Lengthen Attention Spans

Getting potential customers to your website is the battle,  Engaging them is the war.

Welcome to the online rules of engagement.  We can make your online personality, the “Belle of the Ball”.    If your customer is engaged by your website they will spend more time there.  The more time they spend the more likely they are to buy from you.  We help develop online videos, visual content, contests and more to engage your vistors longer.

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Customers Visit for a Reason

Old information is worse than no information.  Having up to date information makes you informative.

No one reads yesterday’s newspaper.  In an age of instant gratification it has become of premium importance to keep your online presence, current and informative.  Regardless of your industry it is imperative that the information you provide your customers is up to date and answers the questions they are asking.

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Don’t Feed a Vegetarian, Beef

Telling potential customers about your company doesn’t make you relevant.

Listing your companies features or achievements on your website or Facebook page is great for filling space but conveying current and relevant benefits to them is what is really important.  Today’s consumers want to know exactly how you can help them in an instant.  They want to be able to get information on all devices and across all platforms.  We make sure that your online message is relevant.

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What We Do

Meet B He’s Likable

B Likes Responsive Sites

A Few of Our Raving Fans

B Likable took over and made my web site shine. Sales went up in my store and my online presence has improved dramatically.

- Bobby Collins, Comedian

B Likable built web sites for a multitude of CellMark companies.  They handle all our SEO and interactive needs. They are a great team to work with.

- Jason Pirrello, CellMark

From web to the actual event. What we accomplish with B Likable is invaluable. We are very grateful for their creativity, design, support and execution. Thanks B Likable!

- W Cary Edwards Foundation

These guys created an entire campaign for our original product, Recycle Strip. The videos and web site they created are amazing.

- Richard Prins, Recycle Strip

B Likable created an entire brand for me. Their video work is incredible. They are great to work with and I had a lot of fun creating with their team.

- Jennifer Moore, MIL-TV

B Likable has helped with our search results.  They have a powerful team that can get the job done. And on time!  That alone was enough for us.

- Mike DenBlaker, imView